Healing Services


Healing Services at the Shala

We offer Reiki Healing Services, both private sessions and healing circles.
Private sessions are booked in advance and last approximately one hour in length. Those who attend Reiki Circles can expect a circle to be 1 1/2 hours in length, depending on the attendance. Each individual generally receives ten minutes of individual Reiki healing.

What is Reiki?
Many people have heard the work Reiki but have no idea what it actually is. Is it a religion or a massage? It is neither. The system of Reiki is a method of working with "energy" that allows the body to clear itself, leaving one feeling lighter, healthier ad happier. Reiki is know as "universal life force energy" and/or "spiritual energy" that is directed into the recipient through the hands of an individual who has received training in the practice of Reiki.

What to expect:
The client lies on a Reiki table or sits in a chair and the practitioner's hands are placed on, or just above, the body. During a Reiki session the client remains clothed.  A Reiki treatment is both quiet and comfortable. The clients mind quiets and tension melts away.  The practitioner offers energy to the client which moves through the hands and into the client's body supporting the client's healing process. The hands do not manipulate the Reiki, they are merely the vessel for the Reiki to flow through. Hand positions can be held from one minute to half an hour or longer - depending upon what the practitioner can sense in the body.

How often can you have a Reiki treatment?
This depends on the client. Some clients choose to receive Reiki on a weekly basis, others may choose monthly, or in some cases just one treatment.

Cost: An hour Reiki treatments cost is $90.

We also offer Reiki Attunements.
All Reiki Attunements are taught by Reiki Master Teacher Maria Yakkey, in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage.
Reiki 1, is generally for self use and for use on family and pets.
Reiki 2, the practitioner has an interest in the healing of other and learns tools to further their Reiki practice.
Reiki 3, Also know as Reiki Master. This practitioner has chosen the path of Reiki and offers healing to other.
Reiki Master Teacher, This practitioner has in an interest in teaching Reiki to others.
Check our "Workshop" page and calendar for dates and pricing information.